Scared Shitless!

April 5th, 2011

I love the stuff Merlin Mann says, be it a blog post, podcast or video of a talk at a conference.

They always come across as such well thought out sentences which he’s only just thought of. Genius.

Watching his talk at webstock was truly moving, when he mentioned about being scared when his dad died I seriously couldn’t stop crying. I’m in the same situation right now.

Right now.

It’s coming up to a year since my dad died, and I’m totally shitting myself as the one year on date nears. Maybe it’s because even though I have no idea what ‘getting my head over it’ is, feels I’ve not even scratched the surface of what feeling better is. I dunno, I should of got my head round it all after a year, right?

God I feel tired!

Off topic so lets reign this in a bit, a lot of the things within his talk hit home for me. Specially about just continuing to run through the shit storm no matter how scared you are.

* It’s been almost a week since I watched the video and I’ve put off writing this for no reason other than being scared. I’ll re-watch it and edit this post to better reflect other aspects of the talk

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My take on Color

March 30th, 2011

Isn’t it true that if you do something truly revolutionary, 80-90% of people won’t understand it initially?

Color Social Network Logo, Leafs in a circle with each leaf slow changing across the rainbow of colours

First of go watch this, seriously do it.

There’s been a huge amount of fuss about the $41 million raised by the Bill Nguyen headed startup color.

Yes it’s an insane amount of money for, to be honest not much of a product at the moment. However if you look through the “OMG! how much”, “I don’t understand this” etc comments on twitter and iTunes reviews what you’ll find is a really impressive idea for a social network.

I love the idea of the your social network just building itself, you don’t meet someone new in the street and say, wait a second I can’t talk to you until you accept my invite, no friendships just happen. It’s an organic part of life and color is trying to emulate that.

They really should of sat on this a little longer and come out with a much fuller, more rounded product that is easier for people to understand, but did everyone get Twitter in the early days, I mean why the hell would I want to write just 140 characters, that’s just stupid right?

Anyways as Jason Calacanis puts it, I bet Zuckerberg is in a war room right now trying to work out how facebook can do this and quickly!

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Quick link – 31st July

July 31st, 2010

her recommendation was to stop using words like Products, Solutions, and Clients and start using words that actually describe what you offer. This way the search engine would list you higher for those terms.

A Link Labeled “Products” (or “Solutions” or “Clients”) is a Bad Idea (via boagworld)

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Fixed 404 error for

May 21st, 2010

I have been using the awesome .htc file to give IE6 support for border-radius.

However while checking network traffic with HTTP Watch I noticed it was making a request to, bit of a deal breaker when your replacing images for the corners with downloading your full 404 error page in the background.

I tracked the issue down to line 253

this.fillSrc = this.currentStyle.backgroundImage.replace(/^url("(.+)")$/, '$1');

As I understand it (and I suck at regex) if there is not a background-image declaration then it returns “none” therefore a simple check for it and changing the value to “” fixes it

This is what I changed it to:

this.fillSrc = ( this.currentStyle.backgroundImage.replace(/^url("(.+)")$/, '$1') == "none" ? "" : this.currentStyle.backgroundImage.replace(/^url("(.+)")$/, '$1') );


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Breaking News!!

May 21st, 2010

Totally gutted!

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